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nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. it is all about the retail sales and shoppers are off to stores started yesterday evening. we will have live reports coming up. >> we're watching bay area weather and it is a
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beautiful start for our day. let's get a update with our forecast. >> clear conditions overall and it is set cool star for the morning. we even have some thirties' for some of our inland spas. sunshine will prevail later on this after known here head we have 60's and 70's a around the bay area. as will take a look at our numbers vallejo is coming then at 51 degrees. i will have a look at these numbers coming up. >> so far it has been pretty light outside and we do have a new accident coming then. this is on the palo alto side of 1 01. it is northbound at the
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embarcadero. it is involved and a police vehicle there ran off the road and overturned. there's one landlocked and once again this is 101 at the embarcadero. this is an injury accident involving a police officer. traffic is starting to slow down and it is less a 60 m.p.h.. will keep an eye on this accident and let you know how this will slow down your commute. >> the rest of the bay area is doing just fine. >> new this morning. police and san rafael are investigating a shooting at a nightclub. according to san rafael police department they responded to a call the shots fired around 12:45 p.m. this morning in the area of club 101 located at 815 west francisco
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boulevard. two victims were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. police did detained two suspects the they believe are linked to the shooting. authorities also say that multiple firearms were recovered at the scene. >> let's start in san francisco with kron 4 will tran. >> it is very busy and the shoppers have been out getting their shopping on a you can see there are a few guys here with vex. people are coming and going and it looks like-a-people or of retired and they're getting coffee. you could see just how busy it was even at this time. there are great deals
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to be had but there are many of them that are still out there. we should see more shoppers throughout the morning. how long have you been shopping? >> i've been shopping for seven hours. is just a fun part of bed and i just decided i would do it again this year. how much did you buy? >> about $300 worth. i can not only for clothing this time. did you go to any other malls? >> yes. >> there are some stores that are out here that i had to come and check out. >> what did you buy? >> close of course. how much did you spend? >> i spent about a hundred dollars.
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>> they said that it is cold but they went back to their car and they put their bed stand and they decided to go back shopping again. this is a great time if you have money. >> our team coverage goes out to livermore let's turn to a mike who is joining us live at this mall. >> a lot of the stores opened up at 10:00 p.m. last night. it is very come out here and the overnight shoppers have gone home. we are since our first wave of the time shoppers. when this mall opened at 10:00 p.m. last night it was so busy and i heard this some
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shoppers waited two hours in traffic just to find somewhere to part. and lot of them stated that they tried to save hundreds on clothing and sunglasses. i spoke with this one man who told me that he was only here because his wife drags along. >> i am freezing and i'm not having much fun. my wife is having fun and she is over there. >> all in all a lot of people are having a good time as for parking--they're opening up and a lot of the shoppers have left. these laws are limited and the shopping is only going to pick up as the day progresses. >> taking a look at other
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lines that have built up. macy's opened its doors at midnight for the first time. here are shoppers at the flagship store in new york city. and on the right shoppers line of early here in the bay area. >> some of those early shoppers at wal-mart in san leandro got a taste of the nationwide protest at the retail giant. about 30 activists gathered outside the store to protest the early opening. security guards for stationed throughout wal-mart and outside. most of last night's processes were not even wal-mart employees. protest's is scheduled to take place today at wal- mart's in fairfield, richmond, san jose and san leandro.
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>> we're watching wall street and we will be bright back when kron4 continues.
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experience theticket to pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> there is a short traitrading day. the dow is sitting at 12,917. following a ceasefire in the middle east. >> nine others were wounded
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along cause us border fence with israel. this the first vioe a cease-fire was announced two days ago between is a row and got us hamas rulers. >> a poll released today stated that the government should have continued its military offensive against palestinian militants in hamas ruled and bows up. 29% thought israel should have sent ground troops to invade gossip. 20 percent of those polled had no opinion. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza there is light traffic and the rows are a little bit busier.
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>> a 16 year-old veteran firefighter fractured his vertebrae in his neck and suffered a concussion after a three alarm fire in san jose. the apartment left 18
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people without a place to call their home this morning. a ceiling collapsed on that injured fire fighter and a resident was also transported to the hospital for medical reasons not caused by the fire. flames and water damage for of the six units. >> we have a traffic, spot. >> this impala i'll tell northbound 1 01 and let's take a look at the traffic map. it is an injury crascrash involving a police officer. this is a major crashed and emergency crews are still coming now. one of these cars flipped over and it was near off when. the three rail lines are shut down and you only have one land traffic to squeeze by hand. this is the far left lane.
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chp just issued a stretch for you to avoid. you should definitely hop over to 280 if you're heading out to do some holiday shopping. >> it looks like these lanes may be closed for about 5 to 6 hours. this is a stretch for you to avoid. >> it is a gorgeous start for the day but it is chilly there are a few spas that are still sit in the 30's. it is 4 is pretty much everywhere. let's take a look at the numbers. there are upper 30's for the north bay and 51 degrees for san francisco. satellite radar shows clear conditions around the bay area and there are high pressures. we
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will see temperatures between 5 to 7 degrees warmer than average. we could see low 70's for pleasanton and 67 for fremont. tomorrow could actually be the warmest of the week and we show you just sat on the kron 4 satellite. do not be that the fog starts to kick through. monday will be a little bit cooler but we will continue with sunny skies. friday we may see heavy rain around the total bay area. the wet weather may stick to run as we had to next weekend as well. >> the california highway patrol is out in force this thanksgiving holiday. there tracking down drunk drivers.
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kron 4 said charles clifford has details. >> they're door and a maximum enforcement. on thanksgiving day at the highway patrol released some numbers for the first day of what they call their maximum enforcement. . they stated that statewide a people have been killed in fatal collisions this year. chp also says that 262 people have been restive for driving under the influence. last year there were three fatalities and to much as 67 drivers were charged with dui eyes. in 2011 there were also no fatalities and 39 people were charged with driving under the influence. the maximum enforcement. continues through late sunday evening. >> a family and vallejo is looking for the driver who is responsible for killing
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their grandmother. she died after a hit and run accident. this was last friday when she was walking home from the store. the family states that a gold colored car hit her, what she was at the crosswalk. the family wonders if the person that hid her has any remorse and it would like camry her to come for. >> how could you run away and not come for. what type of person does this. i was expecting my mother to be alive for thanksgiving. this person should pay for what he or she has done. the family is now going door to door passing out fliers. >> some thieves in oakland did not take the holiday off yesterday. several cars a
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long lecture boulevard had their windows smashed by people looking for things to steal. police say as many as six vehicles were broken into. the one person that we spoke to stated that the thieves did not get much but they did leave him with they had it that he did not need for a thanksgiving. >> i never leave anything bad where my car. police have not made any arrests. >> a check on wall street the dow and wall street opened up for all 50 minutes. and the dow was about 99 points. the dow was sitting at 12,936. this is a good start for a holiday shopping season. we will be
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right back as kron 4 morning news continues. >> there is a lot sunshine and very light traffic on this chilly and breezy morning.
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>> we have a major injury hot spot on 1 01 near the embarcadero exit. this is northbound just before embarcadero piro this happened about 20 minutes ago and there are several vehicles involved with a police officer. one car has flipped over and this is now closed. there are three lanes of traffic that a shutdown. you just have one lane to squeeze by hand and this is the far left lane. you should in boy at this area. the emergency crews are continuing to investigate. we are hearing that it may take up to five to six hours to get this clear. >> you should stick with 280 and will keep you updated on this crash. >> new video into kron 4
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this morning. this vehicle turned aside ways and this bill has its rear smashed in. the police officers front end car is completely smashed ban. all this debris is on the side of the road and three vehicles are at least matched up. a looks like the police car was hit from the front and back. the police vehicle is mostly gone. as you can see fire engines are off to the side and they're treating one of the victims. these cars turned wrong direction and you can see only the far left-hand lane is getting through. the backup continues to grow right now and this will be a major problem. >> this is 1 01 north, and palo alto.
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>> we have not had a concern but it is a major injury accident. five or six hours is estimated for what chp stated. >> since we have police car involved this will lead to a lengthy investigation. we do have someone on the line with chp joining us on the phone. >> this is--what happened was a dispatch received a call at 6:49 a.m. and involved a patrol vehicle.
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>> do you know if this was a police pursuit? no. >> what have you heard? >> yes. to this point i am unaware as to exactly what party is injured. i understand that there are several parties that are involved and there were a lot of people in one vehicle and one patrol vehicle and a another citizens vehicle. the citizens vehicle had several people inside and they are critical. >> there currently helping these injured people and at this point there will be an ongoing accident
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investigation. >> from what i understand there's one line opened at this time and it will be an extended closure so they would be able to do the investigation. >> these were live pictures from the san and we do have several vehicles and often this collision. we are seeing a big backer of right now and as you can see the traffic sensors are showing that the traffic is going all the back to mountain view. if you are driving on 1 01 you should take to 80 this morning as her way around the same carry it. >> we will be right back.
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into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community.
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small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. thuganksvingeeke,geyear inrestree nag and ve uto0 beayresand stedic evttre pri wareke,geyear
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line from the hot spot is some palo alto. the emergency crews are dealing with this major accident on 1 01 near the embarcadero. let's take a look at this accident. it just happened about 20 minutes ago. if there are several vehicles and a police patrol car and all. one vehicle flipped over at the off ramp. the three lright lanes are closed. all this traffic that is heading north from the south bay are squeezing down to this one line. this is really a place you should avoid. if you're heading out to do some traveling or shopping just their way from this area. >> you should hop over to
7:32 am
280 which is looking good and it is trouble free. this crash may be out here for awhile. they have stated that 1:00 p.m. maybe the estimated time for this to be cleared up. >> good morning it is cold all side and the temperatures are in the '30's. that afternoon should have plenty of sunshine with '60s and '70s. later on tonight will continue with clear conditions and the temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s. tomorrows forecast will be the warmest of the week. it will be a lot of sunshine to go around. i will have full details coming up in just a bit. >> we are watching black
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friday shopping. there are a lot of people out shopping. our team coverage starts at the paragon outlet in livermore. to get you more news faster return to kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton who joins us live. >> the stores opened at 10:00 last night and his mom was packed overnight with people trying to find the best deals. a lot of these shoppers tell me that they're having fun but they're also trying to save big bucks. i used ago here when i was local and i have gone never sense. >> as far as part it is concerned we did hear about problems earlier this morning who told me that
7:34 am
that weighed about two hours just to find a parking spot. the parkin has sort of cleared up because the overnight rush of shoppers have left to get some sleep. they are starting to form lines here and there is a secondary parking lot across the street in a dirt lot. >> parking is limited so if you want to come out to beat the crowds you should leave some. >> other bay area news that we are falling. a man accused of breaking into steve jobs house instilling computers and apple inc's co-founders wallet was has pleaded no contest to a buggery spree across bay area. he was convicted wednesday in santa clara county superior court on eight felony counts of residential burglary and one felony count of selling stolen products after taking
7:35 am
a plea deal. investigators eventually lead a 35 year- old to committing seven of the burglaries in the areas. he could face up to seven years and eight months in prison during his sentencing on january 17th. >> police stated that they responded to gunfire when they found a 33 year-old victim line on the sidewalk in east oakland wednesday night. police do not have any suspects in custody. the city recorded the same number of homicides in 2009 carry it >> new video into kron 4 shows a chaotic start to the so-called busy shopping day of the year in west michigan. at least two people were taken away in handcuffs and will let small and can would after a fight. pepper spray was used to the incident this morning. the fight happened in front of the j.c. penney store.
7:36 am
>> a fabric or house went up in flames in miami. dozens of firefighters battled the fire. in addition to pouring salt of the warehouse doors, smoke and flames were coming from the cracks in the roof calls by the fire intensity. no injuries were reported. >> a major injury accident at 1 01 north bound impala out so. a police officer is involved and squad cars are smashed. we will show you the latest thing coming up. there's on one line open.
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>> an accident on northbound 101 @ embarcadero this morning involved in a patrol vehicle leaves one person dead. for this video from
7:40 am
skies seven from abc news shows you that the chp has confirmed one fatality, to critical injuries and one minor injury. the right plants are closed and there is no estimated time to reopen the lanes. a severe traffic alert has been issued and morris are advised to avoid this area. >> traffic is shorn read and four lanes are trying to merge into one lane. we have learned that this is not a fatal accident and to other people are in critical condition. >> and national news more
7:41 am
than a thousand people from new jersey when without a traditional thanksgiving meal to help people affected by superstores and is that island. the volunteers help with cleanup and a distributive supplies and warm meals to relief workers and families in the. they also took meals and supplies to s.i. areas hardest hit by the storm. >> the remains of a rollercoaster that was knocked off of a new jersey of amusement pier by supersonic standing might be left there as a tourist attraction. officials have not made a decision on whether to tear down the coaster. but the major states that he is working with the coast guard to see
7:42 am
if the poster is stable enough to leave alone because he believes it will make a great tourist attraction. >> and video i texas is stating that people were taking to the hospital with a multi vehicle record in southeast texas. it happened yesterday morning along interstate 10 near beaumont, texas. authorities say up to 100 people were transported to area hospitals with injuries. as you can see some of the cars are literally crushed. authorities said there were no fires, despite gas tanks been ripped off 18 wellers on the mass of wreck. between 5100 vehicles were involved. accord is a fall may have cost the pilot. >> a fatal accident least two people in critical condition and this this between cars and a police cruiser.
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>> emergency crews are still on scene investigating a fatal accident on 1 01 x embarcadero. this happened about 30 minutes ago. there were several vehicles involved included a patrol car. one vehicle flipped over as well as the three right lanes are blocked. this is really a stretch you
7:46 am
should avoid. stay away from 1 01 north bound and you should hop over to 280 as an alternate. you can consider the el camino as well. 1:00 p.m. is the estimated time for reopening. >> traffic or around the rest of the bay area is doing just fine here is a look at the bay bridge. it is been trouble-free and it is still less than 10 minutes. if you're heading out on 92 you're ride is looking pretty good. do keep in mind that if you are coming from 92 and marginal to 101 you do have this fatal accident to worry
7:47 am
about. last but not least to head out to the golden gate bridge and it is a smooth ride. it will be about a 21 minute trip. >> a looks like we are seeing some clouds in the distant. temperatures are starting to warm and 37 degrees is for the layout. as we take aafternoon will be '7 is for the south bay. there are warmer conditions compared to yesterday. it is very similar in the east bay and it is 68 for castro valley. danville and the north bay is on to be at 70's. it looks like berkeley will come in and 67 degrees. satellite radar shows clear conditions in the bay area
7:48 am
so we will see a dry pattern. >> saturday may be the warmest of the week and it will be gradually cooler by monday. wet weather will start around wednesday evening. >> a survey from retailers find that more than half of americans have already started their holiday shopping. a credit card can be useful to as long as you do not let the balance get out of hand. >> the season for spending is on us a year after we are warned of holiday debt. responsible spending does not have a man for you put your credit card some eyes. if you have a credit card with rewards are points attached then this is a good time for you to use them. >> you can even start using these reward points to buyer gives. this is a good idea for you to use them as --
7:49 am
you do not overspend. you need to keep track of what you are spending. >> this is the key whether not you are using credit or cash. reevaluate your spending rarely and what you are in the store be aware of the of your of retailers credit cards. >> the try to sell you at the register that you can get 10 or 15% off right away. this isn't tyson and it is still for you to read the credit card refers. >> this will tell you win on the interest rate which will make a big difference. >> for those seeking a festa alternative to a normal shopping a special holiday fair opens today. the great dickens christmas fair and victorian holiday party will open at 10:00 a.m. this
7:50 am
morning. the fair which recreate an ambiance to victoriana london, will feature shops, pulps, tea rooms, lecture halls, the hitters and a music hall. the fair is open the saturday and sunday until december 23rd. the u.s. has postal service is offering same-day package delivery for na shoppers this post office will begin expedited service and san francisco on december the 12th. it follows similar efforts by ebay, amazon, and wal-mart. it projects to generate between 10,000,050 million in new revenue from deliveries in sampras's go along. >> if you won a letter postmarked from the north pole your window of
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opportunity is still open. the deadline is monday december the 10th. you should have the return address as santa, north pole. for more information you can visit you as ps dock,. >> we will be right back as kron 4 morning news continue. here is a video from the scene and this accident happened about 6:50 a.m.. if this was at embarcadero road. this police car is involved and there's one fatality. there are two others that are in critical condition. there is on one lame moving and this is a big traffic pile.
7:52 am
>> and there reminder to catch dr. phil right after the kron 4 morning news. coming up at 10:00 a.m. twisted grief. a 16 year-old girl sees her parents for the first time after killing a seven year-old boy while driving. will they forgive her? don't miss it began right after kron 4 morning news.
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>> nasa says its mars rover curiosity has made a historic discovery. but we will have to wait to find out what its periods curiosities chief scientist says the data is " looking really good but the scientists want to check the results before announcing what curiosity found. they will announce this at the american geophysical union hailed in sampras's go next month. >> we're seeing a return of
7:56 am
the rain on wednesday. we will have heavy rain by next friday and you should enjoy the weather. coming up on kron 4 news to have the latest on the fatal accident in palo alto at 1 01 north bound. this is taking place right now at 6:50 a.m.. this video is from--we are there is only one leg getting by and we are expecting this investigation to take a while. there's several people injured. there is one fatality and we do not know the condition of the police officer. all the debris is on the roadway. one of the cars did overturn before the
7:57 am
back up from a short time ago continues to have a lot more on this story as we continue. >> the traffic sensors are out and the back up this forming their several miles of back up traffic. all these people are trying to merge into one lane. we will be rep beck and to mess. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news breaking is and how out of the backup on 1 01 right now. a fatal accident and several people with serious injuries. the accident involves a police cruiser and at least one other vehicle. one person is dead. the police vehicle is smashed and he the police officer has minor injuries. you can tell the police and rescue crews on the scene this morning. chp confirms that two people are in critical condition. the chp officer with minor injuries despite the fact that the police cruiser is smashed up. the big backup continues as it may be a really long time may be even several hours before this
8:01 am
accident investigation clears. >> this crash has been working for about an hour now. palo alto northbound 1 01. this is really a stretch to avoid traffic coming to a complete stop. they only have one lane open and that is a far left leane if you're heading out to do some shopping it is a stretch to avoid. you can use alchemy loral as an alternate. traffic is backing up in both directions. 1:00 p.m. as the earliest estimated time for the reopening of the traffic lanes. will tran as head out to the scene to give us a live report and keep us updated.
8:02 am
>> we're saying sunshine out there but it is still pretty cold. as the after of sunny won a conditions compared to yesterday. temperatures could climb into the '70s away from the coastline. fairfield is in the upper '30's. for pleasanton and hayward. extended weekend forecast coming up and my next report. >> live coverage on the shopping going on in the bay area that started last night. paired outlets in livermore, out mike pelton has been there and watch the waves of shoppers, and go. is a quiet hours airwave coming in? >> the looks like another way this starting. this judgment is leading with a bunch of bags here -- and
8:03 am
gentlemen of the stores open at 10:00 last night and thousands of people can hear it a tragedy that first wave of black friday shoppers. everyone is trying to save hundreds on clothes and sunglasses and watches. the shoppers are here, some of them tell me this morning they are smart shoppers. they avoided the overnight rush and are taking lessons learned from last black friday and lead them into effect today. >> don't go when they first open because that is when the crowd is very strange and crowded. i think we are leaving the outlets and then going home. >> on as far as party is concerned it was busy this morning and some believe in more than two hours to try to find a parking spot.
8:04 am
that will ease a little bit. a look behind me there more cars filled during and and we're starting to get someone along the main road. they have some attendance here to help the party. it they have a makeshift parking lot across the street, a dirt lot. those bonds are limited. plant had if you plan on coming out today. >> and some video from a short time ago as the subsidy from pleasanton and san leandro. the right is the will are stored san leandro where people are 80 and at there at a thanksgiving meal. after the dow was up 113 points is that as well thousand 950 with a lot of hope for retailers. consumer spending
8:05 am
is 70 percent of the u.s. economy. coming up on tha three alarm fie in san jose and a firefighter with serious injuries as a roof collapses on them. also a story in palo alto and the accident and person was killed and two others in critical condition. it also involved a police car. we have a big traffic backed up. this is one and northbound and palo alto. this collision happened around 6:50 a.m. on embarcadero. the back of the stretch and on most of mountain view and only the oneeft-hand side is open. we will be right back.
8:06 am
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8:08 am
>> either several people was critical injuries in the state of accident. the police cruisers also at involves completely smashed. look at that car in the front and back end of that vehicle completely drawgone. only the left-hand lane is open letting traffic through. this video coming in from abc seven news. we'll keep following the latest on this accident and
8:09 am
the big backup that is continuing. if you're headed to the north even take you 280 as a way around. the investigation will most likely last until about 1 this afternoon. that is the latest estimate from the chp. we of this live video coming in a short time ago out of miami. a huge warehouse fire at a fabric warehouse. firefighters are trying to fight it and the roof started to collapse and flames are coming out of the roof as the firefighters were battling. they are still working right now to battle the flames from the huge warehouse fire in miami and miami. no injuries reported. is 16 year veteran firefighter suffered major injuries. the broken vertebrae in his neck and suffered a concussion and a three alarm fire in san jose. the apartment fire
8:10 am
left 18 people homeless. it broke out around a 30 p.m. last night in a two-story apartment complex on willow leaf drive. the ceiling collapsed on the firefighter. flames and water damaged four of the six units. places nfl are investigating a shooting at a nightclub that injured two people. there is to call about 1:00 a.m. at club 1 01 just off of highway 1 01 on francisco boulevard. there is a fight inside of the club that spilled out into the parking lot. sasser fired and both male victims were taken to the hospital with nonthreatening injuries. whalebacit look as san jose, vey light traffic here. 1 01 southbound 87 but for the to the north on 1 01 we have a
8:11 am
deadly accident involving a police vehicle and palo alto. we'll have more on the crash coming up. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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some people put everything intotheir name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, >> when no one in palo alto, a fatal accident and a chp car involved. there is still a lot of debris and the roadway and all but one
8:14 am
lane is closed. >> you can see that the traffic is still only getting by on one line. you could see the damaged chp car right there. according to chp officials the started northbound 1 01 near the embarcadero accenexit. one persn was changing a tire and the chp car pulled in from the white truck to help him out. a mini van traveling northbound clips the rear end of the chp car striking it and tumbling over. flipping through the air and you can see right there and ultimately a jet did it to of six passengers that were inside the mini van. -- ejected one of the passengers was pronounced
8:15 am
dead at the scene but the other was airlifted out of the area. the rest of the people as well as the officer was transported to a nearby hospital. you can see the debris is feeling across 1 01. they say will be several hours of investigative work. traffic is just creeping by and the far left lane. once again chp officers vehicle struck and six people inside the minivan that struck it. one person was not pronounced dead and the officer was not suffering from life- threatening injuries but was taken to the hospital. >> so what these police officer pulled over to help the person at changing the tire and got clipped. ? >> yes i'm trying to be as
8:16 am
sensitive as i possibly can but the vehicle is over here and i would rather not say that picture on live television. six passengers, two of them ejected. it rolled across the lanes of traffic and this is the on rap from oregon expressway. -- ramp it rolled off onto the shoulder and that's where the ejected body is. another person was ejected and life lighted out here. the chp officer was transported but it is expected to be ok. >> we can see from the aerial shots earlier the back end of the chp vehicle is almost completely taken out. the car that had the chp vehicle is is on the scene? >> that is the mini van.
8:17 am
that is the main and i was talking about. that's the mini van right there if you could see it. >> and this is the car that had the chp vehicle? >> yes we're talking about three cars. the truck as on the side road, the chp vehicle, andy white band you see here. -- the white van that you see here. >> thanks for the clarification. we are also looking at traffic implications for the back up this morning. >> the accident scene is still very active it is really a place to avoid. stay away from highway 1 01 if you are travelling from the south bay to the peninsula. as you saw from the live shot we only have
8:18 am
one of a plane open. that is the far left lane. hop over to highway 280 if you can. if you're coming from the south bay you can always use el camino royale. traffic is backing up into mountain view and stretching out toward san antonio road. the southbound direction you have a lot of look you lose but nothing is blocked. traffic is slowing down and take a look at what is going on there. up boy highway 1 01 if you can. -- of all way thavoid episode trouble-free ride through san francisco.
8:19 am
highway 92 traffic is still clear. traffic and headed into and out of san francisco by way of the golden gate has been a trouble-free ride throughout the morning. >> plenty of sunshine and all of your camera shots and a clear start to the morning. cold but temperatures are slowly starting to climb. 45 degrees out of the door in san jose downtown sentences go is at 51 degrees. future cast four shows by 2:00 p.m. the afternoon highs will be 60s around the heart of the bay. a little warmer the more in line to go. places like santa rosa could climb into the '70s. that is 57 degrees warmer than the seasonal average. at 7:00 p.m. tonight allow folks have outdoor plans it is a friday after raw the looks like everyone is in the '50s maybe a little warmer and
8:20 am
the 60s along the delta. afternoon highs it will be a pretty mild walk forecast. 69 in redwood city climbed 74 pleasanton sunnyvale plant 68 in napa. 7 day around the bay highlights several changes. we could see fog trickle in for some of our inland areas overnight. saturday afternoon, plenty of sunshine. temperatures into the '70s once again. we will cool things down as we start the next work week but keeping scott sunny skies around. possibility for some rain sundawednesday night stretching into thursday. keep your umbrella handy. >> the light of arrests in the bay area rose and the
8:21 am
first day of the holiday weekend. highway patrol says statewide eight people have been killed in fatal collisions. chp also says that to 62 people have been arrested for driving under the influence. in the bay area back been no fatal accidents and 50 d u by arrests. the maximum and for some period continues through late sunday evening. breaking into cars and smashing windows on thanksgiving day and lakeshore boulevard. people were looking for things to steal. police say as many as four and no less the six vehicles or broken into. this man's car is driven into instead of these did not get much but left him with a headache. >> it was just a big mess. nothing was gone. i did not lose anything in my car. i
8:22 am
never believe anything valuable inside my car. >> police that no arrests have been made. we will be right back as the kron4 mine is continues. we will continue to follow are developing story and palo alto of this fatal accident. seven people taken to hospital including a chp officer after a chp ago chp vehicle was struck by a minivan. several people were ejected from the minivan, one of them was killed. jackie sissel will bring us the updates from that staiscene . we will be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> israeli troops had shot a palestinian man dead this morning. this incident is the first violence since the cease-fire was announced two days ago in israel and does as tomas rulers. about half of israelis in their government should continue their military offensive against palestinian militants. 31 percent support the government's decision to stop. 20 percent of those polled had no opinion. egypt people are processing and cairo's square. they're
8:26 am
expressing anger over their president is demanding that his power go unchallenged. protesters set fire to their headquarters in alexandria. it was indianola's injured. president boris these order threatens the progress made during last year's egyptian revolution. they're building the tsunami ifirst first tsunami resistance barrier. it sank 11 boats and damaged 47 others and destroyed two- thirds of the harbour stocks. a company that makes a generic version of lift the door is recalling several boat but doses of the drug. some batches of the
8:27 am
cholesterol metical contagion contain small glass particles. there recalling 1020 and 40 mg doses. the company is not recalling the 80 mg versions of the tablets. there was several companies that sell generic versions of with the door. --lipitor will have a live report from jackie sissel. the sensors are showing a backup of 1 01 northbound, the four lanes are merging into one. traffic is starting to slow near mountain view this morning. you are advised to take the main l'oreal r 280 to avoid the same. we will have more on this terrible accident coming up as the kron4 news continues.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
>> rafael accident on the peninsula at 1 01 near palo alto. will tran is live on the same with this accident that involved a police cruiser. >> it looks like it'll be shut down, at least three of the four lanes for the next several hours as they continue to investigate. the chp car is still here it is right in front of that truck that is under the overpass would be blinking lights. about 6:45 a.m. the truck broke down the side road. the chp officer pull over and try to help. another car comes out of nowhere and slams into the back of the chp cruiser. there is a car there. it lost control and rolled a couple of times. two of the six people inside
8:31 am
the s u b were ejected from the as you leave. one person is confirmed that the rest were taken to the hospital including the chp officer. and joining us is an officer from the chp to talk about this situation. do we know the cause of the accident this morning? >> as of now we're not sure of the cause or as why a the other vehicles were off the roadway. what we know so far is that the truck that is on the shoulder was broken down and ever-changing the tire. the officer pulled up parallel to the echo and had a wide enough shoulder. he was completely out of the way. this goal vehicles word struck their rear of the patrol car and then continue to roll and ejected to of the passengers and the vehicle. one son, and
8:32 am
unfortunately to his injuries in the rest were taken to the hospital. >> was there any alcohol on the scene? >> at this point out call and drugs are not a factor in this but it is still under investigation. >> was the officer still in the car or outside? >> the officer was in in the vehicle and a seat belt in the vehicle was possibly save his life. >> how long is this going to be shut down? traffic is bumper-to-bumper three or 4 mi. from this location. how far is a backed up and how soon will this be cleared? and i heard traffic is that the plan was to the 85 at least very right now i cannot give an estimated time of opening but it will probably be at least a couple of hours. >> you can still see very active here. the coroner's
8:33 am
office has not arrived but i can tell you it will be slow and go through this location. once you pass here is should be fine. obviously this is still an active scene. you just heard that we're not getting a timetable but it will be several hours that this place will be backed up. and this is that the 85-4 5 mi. just from this location. >> as you deserve from see is beyond our reporter on the scene there is a backup that continues to grow. the location is no. 1 01 at the oregon expressway. you have all the traffic squeezing down into the far left lane. they talk about 85. this is 85 here and according to our road sensors is not quite back to 85 just yet but it is getting there. that is rare in northbound commute
8:34 am
approaching the accident scene. the opposite direction is not so bad. if you're traveling from the peninsula and to the south bay ed is ok. all the traffic is stretching into mountain view. the cleanup and investigation are still under way. they have so trucks on the scene. this is a place to avoid the wrath of the morning and possibly into the afternoon. traffic around the bay area up the rest the bay area is not so bad. no problems from amazed when the bay bridge toll plaza this and th this and a tae is still fine. -- san mateo bridge a live look at the >> mike pelton as jenny as
8:35 am
at the paramount outlet mall this morning. he is watching the people coming through. >> this makes her very busy friday today. we're kind of at a standstill at the pair got out lead. a lot of overnight shoppers in crowd have gone home to get some sleep. the daytime crowd at are just starting to show up. a lot of people are not coming into in leading at the mall. there were lots of people overnight because the stores open at 10:00 last night. thousands of people came to save hundred on close of sunglasses and wallets and watches, you name. all these folks say they have the best deals and left with multiple shopping bags. i'm sad gaidar nine bags spanning both arms. an interesting and ago i spoke with eight man at this a few
8:36 am
minutes ago and he is from england and said there are no black friday's sales. he came to the u.s. to cashman, in part. >> i can get on my christmas shopping and four quarter the price compared to england. i get all this done and i don't have to worry about shopping in december. >> do people get jealous when you tell them the great deals you got back in england? >> of course >> if you're planning on coming out here you should know the parking is limited. then set up a secondary parking lot in a dirt lot across the street. the number of parking spaces are limited and plan ahead. perhaps now is the best opportunity to come out before the afternoon rush kicks in. >> here is the same black
8:37 am
friday chaos across the country west michigan two people were taken away in handcuffs at the woodland mall and can land after a fight broke out there. pepper spray was used in the incident. that happened right in front of the j.c. penney store. >> plenty of sunshine already and we will continue to see that later on today. temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. a little warmer than yesterday. there conditions will continue but temperatures the most part will be in the '50s. looking ahead to tomorrow possibly the warmest of the week. some spots to climb into the '70s especially away from the coast line. i'll have more on tomorrow's forecast and what to expect the fed this weekend coming up and my next report. at age 30 7:00 a.m. and is time for a break in the kron4 morning news will be right back.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> of video from channel seven abc's it showing the accident were the back of the many then hit a police car on the side of the road. all seven people were taken to the hospital including a chp officer that was driving
8:41 am
that car when he was struck from behind. the back of the chp vehicle was completely taken out. we're learning the officer only has minor injuries. there's only one lane open in the southbound direction of 1 01. it will be a big backup for several hours as the investigation continues. the estimation of the freeway opening is one this afternoon. a deadly pile of 50 to 100 cars and trucks involved in this pilot. two people were killed and 100 people were taken to hospital. this happened yesterday morning and early morning fog. thankfully there was no fires despite the fact that many of those side fuel tanks were ripped off of some of the big trucks that were involved in a pile up. it is just a mangled mess of cars. once again 100 people went to the hospital. this
8:42 am
happened because there is heavy fog in the area at the time of that accident. this man i breaking into steve jobs house and stealing computers. also his wallet. he is pleaded no contest to a crime spree across the bay area. he was convicted wednesday on eight felony counts of burglary. one felony count of selling stolen property. he took a plea deal. the 35 year-old suspected of committing other burglaries around the bay area. the only targeted homes that were under construction so as not to encounter the owners. he could face seven years in prison on his sentencing and january 15th. we will be back in a moment.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
>> a fatal crash involving chp vehicle, will tran giving us the update from the scene. >> we learned that one of the people killed was a 44 year-old woman. we do not know where she's from but we're still waiting for the coroner's office to come out and identifier pierre.identify e officer noticed there was a disabled car on the side of the road. here is the backup we want to show you from skies seven abc news it stretches all way back to 85 according to the chp they do not know when the scene will be cleared. it could be the next several hours. while they investigate they cannot
8:47 am
completely shut down the freeway they are allowing one lane to go through. this is very slow and this is why we see the backup for miles. the chp crews are still on the scene. fortunately the officer was buckled in his seat belt and that saved his life. he along with five other people were taken to the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. the reason why so many people were involved as the sec were carrying six people at the time. two people ejected one person died at the scene. the other person ejected is fighting for his are her life at this time. hopefully will get more affirmation. right now they're reporting there was no alcohol or drugs involved at the scene. the lights were on top of the cruiser were visible as well as the traffic lights. they say that whoever was driving the sec should have clearly seen that the chp officer was
8:48 am
trying to help a disabled car on the side of the road. >> thank you for the information we will give back to and a little bit. >> as you saw from a live shot the backup continues to grow. it is really a stretch to avoid. looking at the traffic maps who the location 1 01 at the oregon expressway. the offer and disclosed in a three right lanes are shut down. you have one line the squeeze by and and that is the far left lane. traffic is backing of all way toward the 85. this is traffic headed out of the south bay northbound onto are up to the peninsula i should say. slow traffic in the opposite direction. the new accident 1 01 south at embarcadero, just a fender bender but that is moving off the shoulder. that will add to the southbound backup. all the heavy traffic is really northbound. southbound
8:49 am
highway 2 at 80 or use camino try al as addinan alternative. we have a trouble spot in walnut creek on city streets but as long tree boulevard on 680. it is a busy intersection blocking all lanes. if you are heading through the walnut creek area are doing any shopping out there this is really a sense to avoid. no word as to when that accident will be out of the way. >> president obama as a fund-raising advisers are accepting donations. white house staff and campaign advisers have been the deciding whether not to except corporate donations. facebook is taking away its users' rights to vote as to how it is governed. they want to do is to the system they have been using where
8:50 am
users can weigh in on the governments of facebook. they'll replace it with new ways to pose questions. the primary reason for it shifted away from its digital democracy is because of facebook is extremely large now that has over a million users. the convenience of online shopping is still a big draw for black friday shoppers. >> online vs were walking the store. for years merchants like amazon had a key advantage in states like california. no sales tax. local bookstores are already under pressure under the rapid popularity of evokes. michael tucker owns eight don't chain of stores and seven cisco. if you can save 15% wouldn't you?
8:51 am
>> they began taxing this year in other states like pennsylvania and texas. online retailers collect tax only for states where they have a physical presence. in california, amazon is building to giant warehouses. including this one near los angeles. it is a million square feet and the old fashion retailer's bid is another reason to worry. why? amazons goal is to get the items to customers faster and be able to offer same-day delivery. you can avoid stores if you want and have a package delivered to your house and a matter of hours. i went for consumers but tougher local retailers. >> @ amazon creates the distribution centers and facilities on their property this takes away one as we have left. this is a big deal.
8:52 am
>> that means retailers need to up their game. >> retailers need to take a lesson but amazon and focus on the consumer experience. it will become more sophisticated both online and offline. >> those who want a lesson on how to drive can learn from books and in san francisco. >> we have had almost everything that comes down the pike to just let the industry. >> another way to change the industry michael tucker's dozen stores are thriving. >> everyone can get the books but the staff that we have and the readers that we have that are working with the public, that is the difference. tremendous staff that are engaged with those communities. >> a basic reminder to all retailers internet are otherwise that good customers can be the decisive factors and when your business. -- winning over business >> plenty of sunshine right
8:53 am
now and temperatures starting to climb. still pretty cold in concord at 41 degrees 45 out the door in san jose. and the afternoon we will continue as the sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 60s low 70's. someone from milpitas 70 on tap for sunnyvale for 60s for mountain view in fremont and similar conditions and the east bay with danville 70 degrees 68 for castro valley. the north bay 74 center of the 61 for cal, 63 they're heading for ocean beach and berkeley is at 67 degrees. satellite and radar shows high pressure firmly in control continuing to build as we head into the weekend. a dry weather pattern in clear skies and sunny conditions warmer than the seasonal average. saturday and sunday slightly cooler conditions as we start the next work week.
8:54 am
potential for wet weather begins wednesday night until thursday. heavy rain slated for friday at a looks like we could continue to need our and umbrellas as we transition into next weekend. 853 a m in the kron4 news has to take a quick break and we will be right back back +ulk
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> nasa is saying it's mars rover curiosity has made a historic discovery on the martian surface. we have to wait to find out what is. npr's say the discovery came from the soil that was analyzed by the river is on board can as a chemistry lab. the data is looking really good but they want to double check the results before announcing what curiosity found. they'll make the announcement in san francisco and an american geophysical event being held next month. he can catch dr. phil after
8:58 am
the morning news on to at 10:00. it twisted grief, as 60 neuroses are parents of the first time after she killed a seven year-old boy with her car. we will be right back into minutes as the kron4 morning news continues. we'll have more on the latest breaking news story in palo alto. a person killed and another in critical condition in an accident involving a chp officer. a live look here, the accident happened to hours ago and the 1 01 is completely blocked off and saiinto one lane. in many >> 6 people in side slammed into the back of the chp vehicle over on the side of the road.
8:59 am
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news
9:01 am
>> we've been following this story house on the 1 01 a fatal accident and balding and chp vehicle. six people and the minivan to ejected one killed. will tran is live on the scene gathering information about exactly what happened in this fatal crash this morning. >> this chp officers in the hospital right now and looks like his seat belts save his life. so five other people in hospital and we learn that the person who died is a 44 year-old woman. she is one of the two people who were ejected from the sec. as a live shot you could see the chp cruiser is slanted to their right. about 6:49 a.m. he was trying to pull over and help out a disabled truck on the side of the road. the truck is still
9:02 am
there and you can see a flashing lights. according to the chp has lights or on the blues the yellow and red lights were clearly should have been visible to the sec driver. for every is in the driver slams into the back of the chp cruiser and goes a little bit longer, rose zero or loses control and ultimately ejected people. there is a video of the best tv images and ago the video because the coroner's office is still here. it is a little grew some but we knew there were no young kids and the car. a teenager but the officer and several people were still cautious at the hospital. they range from minor to major injuries. we do not know their life threatening but they are a possible at this time. this does to your c will be released the next several hours in the back of charges all way to the 85 from the
9:03 am
oregon expressway to the embarcadero. that is several miles. fortunately the freeway has not been completely shut down there is one lane open. this use the the car pool land but they're using that to allow drivers to go through. it will be this way as far as gm instigation and one lane for at least the next several hours. >> the backup continues to grow and the exodus and here. as you saw from a live shot it is just crawling getting up to the scene. we only have one lane open and that is the far left lane. is the the three right lanes closed as well as the oregon expressway off ramp. the accident is right under the over crossing. as you work your way out of the south bay as as you get 85 that is where traffic add drops down to less than 50 mi. per hour. to get close
9:04 am
to the accident scene you're moving around 25 mi. an hour. we have the fatal accident on the northbound side in the opposite directions right across the next is seen see if he is dealing with a separate crash. it is not a major accident, just a fender bender but they are causing a backup. in this crash will be here throughout the morning, possibly into the afternoon. avoid high we one-on-one if you're trying to get to the stanford shopping center or the hillsdale shopping center. stick with highway 280 and el camino right angle for the next few hours. we will keep you posted. >> clear conditions are on the bay area. it is a cold start to the morning. we are in the 40's into the afternoon we will see '60s and '70s around the bay area. keeping clear conditions around later on tonight and for those of you is leaving the house 48 napa. 517 cisco 54 in a word and i live a full look
9:05 am
a year after an highs coming up in just a bit. >> black friday shopping started on thanksgiving evening. at one of the spots were alive as the paragon outlets, the baron and mall that opened up and livermore. mike pelton has been watching the waves of people come and go this morning. >> they're just a few people on your screen and this kind of, a quiet out here. shoppers are coming in and out of stores in advantage of these black friday deals. it was packed last night overnight and early this morning. the stores open at 10:00 p.m. last night and thousands of people can save hundreds on items like clothes and sunglasses and you name it. this morning people and most will bags on talking 89 bags spanning both arms. they tell me that they say they've found the best deals. they said they saved two to $300 depending on which stores they went
9:06 am
to. i ask a woman why she did this and she said was part of her tradition. that was an hands are a lot this morning. a lot of shoppers said they do this for years with family and friends. long lines the certainly did not dampen any experiences here this morning. parking behind me, some of the cars are starting to filter into the parking lot. early this morning the lines for very long. some people waited of around two hours for a parking space because of the traffic. they open up a secondary parking lot across the street here. if you're planning to come out, plan ahead and no that parking is limited. >> watching shopping around the entire bay area here is some video from this morning. people packing the that the small early. on the right wal-mart store in san leandro, this video coming
9:07 am
in from sky 78 steve from abc news. we have but trading opens today and we've seen as dowels or a hundred points right now. the dow don jones industrial average is at 12,939 investors are encouraged by all the hot holiday shopping that is going on. it makes up for two-thirds of the u.s. economy. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning as continues. we will bring you updates on our breaking news story in palo alto, the fatal crash as cars slammed into the back of a police vehicle. there were six people inside, one killed the other air lifted to a ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey.
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9:10 am
the legions in the fall or breeden is the right now with this fatal accident on one-on-one northbound palo alto at embarcadero. look of the police cruiser. it was sold over on the side of helping a disabled vehicle -- pulled over. two people were ejected after heading the car and the chp officer only has minor injuries. the
9:11 am
three right-hand lanes are still shut down. it looks like it could be until 1 this afternoon before those lanes reopened. black friday, dozens of wal- mart employees protesting at story across the country. -- stores wal-mart employees walked off the job processing work conditions and the fact that they had to work on thanksgiving night with wal- mart stores opening last night. wal-mart says the workers protesting represents a very small minority of its workforce. a look at the goal gate bridge we will be back.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>> we continue follow this developing story a fatal accident on 11 northbound and palo alto. the chp vehicle pullover on this side of the road to help with a disabled vehicles and minivans land into that chp vehicle. to cut the entire
9:15 am
back side, the mini van flipped over six people inside two of them ejected, one killed. they were airlifted to the hospital. they said the seat belts save the officer's life, he only had minor injuries. we will follow the latest is will tran keeps gathering information live at the scene. the backup, no one is really tough, one lane open. >> that's right all of that traffic is squeezing down into one lane. holiday shopping going on in a lot of folks still going on the road. this is your ride on highway 1 01 northbound and it is just crawling. as soon as you head highway 85 that it goes down to less than 80 mi. an hour. no word yet as to when they hope to have this crash cleared but the damage is done now. 280 is still a good alternate a lot
9:16 am
of people stranded to the palo alto shopping center. avoid 1 01 for the next few hours. stick with 280 and el camino rail as your alternate. the rest of the bay area doing fine. it has been a little busy on west board traveling on antioch the ride to severance is going just fine. the drive time is lacking in the last 10 minutes out of oakland into the city. no problems across the upper deck. connection from the nimitz freeway across 92 out towards 1 01 still looking good. last and not least you're checking out traffic across the golden gate bridge, at a solid 21 minute ride for you between the north bay and d downtown
9:17 am
san francisco. >> weather is doing just fine is a little cool but other than that crystal clear conditions are on the bay area. san francisco's at 51 degrees in oakland in the '50s as well. concord upper 40's and livermore and temperatures into the afternoon future for predicts 60s pretty much everywhere. some of our inland areas away from the coast good action climb into the '70s. at 7:00 p.m. tonight all the blue on your screen indicates everyone in the '50s. afternoon highs will be between five and eight degrees warmer than your seasonal average. pleasanton and 70 degrees the same for sunnyvale. 69 for oakland and be 7 day around the bay forecast shows plaza webber into the weekend -- whether.
9:18 am
>> we're getting a surge in trading with the dow up near 100 points. encouraged by all the black friday shopping out there the dow is now 12,937. watching the holiday shopping we have been watching the malls. what is really hard to watch with the cameras is what is happening on line. stores getting a big boost in retail sales online. joining us is market beats with ibm. >> we have been watching whatn with online sales and you find that every year online shopping gets bigger and bigger? >> for sure. he, speaking of are the industry but 10 years ago and we have seen it grow every year. we're seeing a lot of activity there. >> it is amazing when the surgeon as well years ago the distrust of using a
9:19 am
credit card on line and now all these and all the time. >> is part of how consumers want to shop these days. retailers and evading coming up with better wasted entertain us. >> what is is doing that wasn't done for years ago on line? >> this year we see is really coming of age. mobil shopping yesterday on thanksgiving was up 25%. 18% and approaching 20 percent came from mold devices. >> its seems like online shopping and retailers opening up on thanksgiving. online deals its seems started weeks ago. >> yes it did earlier and earlier every year. different types of deals and trying to get a specific channel. it is really what we're seeing is this. the industry is converting into
9:20 am
a multi channel environment. >> with the growth uc a peak level? will it be balanced more people need feel they need a brick and mortar? is there an estimate as to how far the on line can grow worse as shopping and real source? >> i don't think there's a cap per say. people shop in different ways. the real story is having a multichannel approach in having a consistent brand. it's a matter means customers were they want to shop. >> de have any tips for online shopping? >> a couple of things, interact with the different retailers in the channels. we sell open rates of the mills on thanksgiving of brazil's 23 to 25%. being open to a receptive to those deals that retailers san
9:21 am
diego and directing with them on your mobilizes a way to go. >> you get more deals, irt had 45 e mails this morning. in my personal and not just from retailers and people in special deals. is a good way get people shopping. >> it certainly is. >> thanks for your joining us. we'll be back as the kron4 morning news continues and we will also go to palo alto the more news on the fatal crash from this morning.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> we continue wants palo alto at the scene of a fatal accident. video from skies 7 ht abc. this time as to the back of a police officer on
9:25 am
the side of the road. to be the rejected from minivan one died at the scene in the other was taken to hospital. there were six people and the minivan. at the chp officer was pelted and with his car in front of the disabled vehicle he was helping. he only had minor injuries. israeli troops shot a palestinian man did this morning. nine others were wounded along thousands border with israel. this is the first violence since the cease-fire announced two days ago. the-the leader is an encouraging the palestinians to respect the cease-fire. 931% supports
9:26 am
the government's decision to stop. 20 percent of those polled had no opinion. demonstrators in eject approach heade egypt protest die muslim brotherhood's come political arm set fire to a headquarters in alexandria. there were no injuries the building was empty. there is a decree that the president had absolute power, threatening the progress that was made during last year's the egyptian revolution. the company that makes a generic versionl genericipitor may contain
9:27 am
particles of glass. there recalling the 102030 and 40 mg doses. they're not recalling the 80 mg verses of the tablets. they're one of the several companies that serve sells generic versions of lipitor. >> we continue follow the breaking news where one person is dead and six others are in the hospital. coming up we will have a live interview with the chp spokeswoman in just a few minutes.
9:28 am
ñgñg from air wick,
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brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. >> six people were in the suvs that rolled over after slamming into the back of a chp cruiser. about 10 minutes ago they opened up one additional lane. there
9:30 am
are now two lines of traffic going through right now as part of the entire team. we do not know when that will be cleared. the chp cruiser is still on the scene. it was on the shoulder after noticing the disabled pickup truck was at the side. he was trying to get out of his car the time. fortunately he was still wearing his seat belt and that is when the s u b came over at around 6:50 a.m., slams into the back of a cruiser and loses control rolled over several times and you can see the lexus is still on the scene. the sec just crumbled. joining me is a million jack from the chp has more affirmation. do we know more about the family that was involved in this crash? >> what we found out was that it was a 24 year-old female who is the deceased. the entire family of six, four passengers and every bit of the vehicle were
9:31 am
sisters. the father was the driver and the mother was the right front passenger. >> do we know the cause yet? >> we are still yet. we have are seeing it as further investigation as to what the possible cause could have been. officers are a investigating as begin to the other passengers of the vehicles. we do not know for sure that alcohol and drugs did not play a part in the collision. that will also be investigated. >> this chp officer was he or she already on the shoulder was a cars didn't out of the line? >> the chp vehicle was completely within the shoulder adjacent to the vehicle. it is a pretty wide shoulder. he was completely
9:32 am
with and the shoulder and moving even further in the shoulder and directly in front of the contract. >> how much longer will the scene be here? we saw the back of stretching for miles. how long will this be here? >> for the early we have opened up another name so now to the four lanes are open at this time. we'll be out here so at least 1:00. >> thank you so much. horrible news and we thought was the 44 year-old woman, now is a 24 year-old woman. after rolling and heading a chp that car went so far there rolled over the two people and the car that were ejected from the as you leave. >> a terrace story we will keep check back on that. -- terrible story >> a tough commute for those heading northbound from the
9:33 am
south bay. right under the oregon expressway over crossing the investigation is underway. they are making progress two left lanes are open and the to let right lanes are open closed.\ closed.y want to hold off on your travel, lots of bugs attracted to the stanford shopping center. if you have to go in that direction you can hop on 280 it is light and trouble-free. alchemy l'oreal is also a good option for you. -- el camino royale >> black friday shopping and, people in malls all around the bay area. stores open up late last night. we are checking in with mike
9:34 am
pelton at the new mall and livermore. >> a steady stream of customers appeared outlets in livermore. a lot of people getting a black friday shopping started. the small was packed overnight and they open their doors at about 10:00. thousands of people came out to try and save hundreds on items like clothes and jewelry and watches. many of them leaving with multiple bags 89 bags spanning both arms. year after year people come out brave the crowds to try to find a big deals. i pulled one chopper aside a few minutes ago and asked why do you do this? >> mostly because you save so much and because you alum it's just kind of fun to get out there and see what's going on. >> the crowds of so much
9:35 am
died down. a lot of overnight shoppers and the rest has gone home to dry finally get some sleep. we know that will certainly pick up as the day progresses. >> sadly there always seems to be some test somewhere in the u.s. would like friday deals. this is seen in west michigan or people were taken away in handcuffs. this is a mullin can't lead a fight broke out and pepper spray was used. in have been right in from the j.c. penney store in the small. a quick update on bay area weather >> temperatures a starting to warm. we're already seeing sunshine. expect '50s out the door right now. later on plenty of sunshine in seven days away from the coastline. as we head into tonight, clear and cool conditions in temperatures
9:36 am
in the '50s and '60s. tomorrow is slated to be the warmest of the week. we could see more in a way of '70s. similar conditions into sunday. also look at your weekend forecast in the next potential for some rain coming up in just a bit. >> a man accused of breaking in to breasteve jobs house and ceiling computers and a wallet has pleaded no contest to a crime spree across the bay area. he took a plea deal. investigators linked the 35 year-old to seven other burglaries' around the bay area. it appears the only targeted homes that were under construction. he did that so he would not encounter any of he is facing up to seven years in prison during his sentencing on january 17th. oakland police are
9:37 am
investigating when hundred and 10th homicide this year. they responded to a call of gunfire when the officers found 835 year-old body on the ground. they do not have any suspects in the shooting. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> and other live look from our fatal accident in palo alto this morning. this is one northbound or a mini van click the back, i shall ascend into the back of a police vehicle pulled over on the side assisting anothe to people ejected, one killed. the other was airlifted to the hospital. there's a family of six in the minivan. the chp officer as minor injuries this morning. the
9:41 am
accident investigation continues. to lanes open on the left hand side of the 1 01. all lanes are expected to open around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. a surge on wall street, it is a short trading day but the industrial average is up over 1 percent by now. it's up 132 points sitting at 12,968. the day after thanksgiving and a special delivery already arriving at the white house. first lady michelle obama and the daughters received the official christmas tree. it's a 19 ft. freezer firm from a farm in north carolina. it is specifically for the blue room in the white house. we'll have more with the kron4 and a's will we continue after the break.
9:42 am
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
9:45 am
>> we have been filing a fatal crash this morning with a mini van running into the back of a chp vehicle that was pulled over on the side of 1 01 and embarcadero. will tran has been giving us more information throughout the morning. two people ejected out that many van and one was survive and airlifted? >> yes. there is the as to be all crumbled and rolled up several times. it will be here for quite some time as investigators take measurements and see if they can talk to any possible witnesses. the chp car there looks like the back of it got pushed over. according to a spokeswoman she says the chp cruiser was completely on the shoulder.
9:46 am
no bar the car was sticking out. he was trietrying to help a disabled vehicle. is lights were on not only on top but the signaling lights. it should have been clearly visible to the family of six. for what ever reason the father was driving the car did not see it and had the chp and loses control and rolled over several times. you can see the sec is still at the scene. we have learned that this is a family of six from san bruno. the one person who died they thought was a 44 year-old woman it turns out it was a 24 year-old woman. it is a horrible story. the father was driving, the mother was any pause passenger seat. for brown sisters in the back and we do not know they were wearing seat belts at the townime. the chp was
9:47 am
fortunately still in the car and buckled up. the spokeswoman says that is the only reason he suffered not minor injuries. most people in the as to be worked out as at the time. they are grieving and getting their injuries check out. they should know more on what exactly what happened in causes accident. we do know that alcohol the not play a factor in the us. even when they were seeing the victims they did not smell any alcohol on their breaths. we do not know they were speeding or drowsy. i can tell you about 20 months ago they finally opened up a second lien on northbound 1 01 are on the oregon expressway. that is are now clear things up just a bit. traffic is still backed up for miles and it looks like 15 will probably be like this until around noon or 1:00 this afternoon.
9:48 am
>> they give for the updates and the information you been providing us with this morning. we're trying to look at traffic in the area. >> this is the only half of that we have is this fatal accident in palo alto. it is really slowing down in northbound ride. the crash happened shortly before 7:00 this morning right under the oregon expressway over crossing. it is crawling as you approach the scene. the off ramp is still shut down. the two left lanes are open in the to the right lanes are closed. there backed up all way from highway 85. avoided if you can. it looks like this crash will be out there throughout the morning in and tear afternoon commute. 1:00 is when chp is holding have this accident cleared. if you're headed into downtown members is going to do some shopping look at the toll plaza.
9:49 am
lights are often as a good ride across the upper deck. same thing for your ease babes and the peninsula. the san mateo has been trouble free throughout the morning. if you're traveling from the north bay the san francisco a nice light smooth commute for you here across the golden gate. 20 minutes between about 0 and semblances go. >> it is a pleasant morning, it was really cold earlier with temperatures in the '30's. numbers are improving as we head into the afternoon. expect temperatures to be 58 degrees warmer than the seasonal average. the story into tomorrow and could be a little warmer as high pressure continues to build. we do have fairweather for the next ring of days. we have the potential for some rain as we head into the middle of next week. 50 out of vallejo 47 n. santa rosa
9:50 am
51 in daly city upper '40's a san mateo. and the after the '60s and '70s and the south bay with mt. view 69 raised 70% for fell. six m for walnut creek at and the north bay me sunny skies in about ad 68. satellites shows pressure clearly in control around the bay area. temperatures are warmer than average and your extended forecast is 7 day around the bay are conditions into the weekend with but cooler by monday. rain on the way wednesday night had been to thursday and temperatures start to slide. >> not to alarm you but if you're feeling a little indigestion after the thanksgiving meal it could be assignable something more serious. is the national bird awareness week.
9:51 am
>> it is not unusual to experience heartburn from time to time. if it happens at least twice a week you could have castro esophageal reflux disease. bird. we intend to over even celebrate with family and friends. when we swallow food is travels down the esophagus and bal open select the food into the stomach and closes again. those withgerd the valve is faulty and does not shut properly. it goes back into the esophagus and it could be harmful especially if left untreated. lifestyle changes well as certain mumedications could help. avoiding foods and drinks that trigger heartburn such as that your fried foods, tomato sauce, calf unaided drinks cannot all alcohol and chocolate could help
9:52 am
regulated. >> the long trip from sell for napa loss vegas is about to become a lot more fun. i nevada company is setting up a party train in trying to put it on the tracks. it signed a conditional agreement with pacific railroad last week. the x train whewet and have flat screens and a lounge. the 95 to get each way will give passengers food and drinks to downtown bulletin and about those of about five hours. they hope to get this running by next year. nasa says mars rover curiosity has made a discovery. they will not say what it is. the in the are says that it came from a sample on the mars rover is a chemistry lab. nasa wants to double check its results before announcing it. the
9:53 am
announcement will become next month at the american geophysical conference. a live look at our roof cam and san francisco. beautiful day around the bay with temperatures a starting to warm up. it's time to change the way we clean.
9:54 am
it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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>> a quick update on the weather forecasts, some really nice weather on tap for the bay area as we head into the weekend. warming up a few degrees from today and tomorrow and the highest highs will be 60s. take a look here, tomorrow 70 degrees and some of the warm spots. we will stay with the mild weather throughout this weekend. enjoy this weekend, next week and will be very different. as we head into wednesday scattered showers here and there. same story for thursday but right now friday and saturday and next friday and saturday we will see some very heavy rain around the bay area.
9:57 am
slightly on wednesday and thursday but pretty heavy rain for next friday and saturday. enjoy the nice weather this weekend why we have it. the only thing that we can worry about is the fog is seeping in from the central valley. a reminder is to get ready for christmas if you want a letter marked from the north pole for christmas the opening opportunity is still there. holiday letters and ocards at these as som deadline as of december 4th. you have to have the return address as santa north pole. place and a larger envelope with the correct postage and send that to the north pole postmark postmaster 4141 postmarked drive the
9:58 am
anchorage alaska 99530. for more and permission on that using go coming up on dr. phil episode a woman confronts the parents of a seven year- old boy she killed years ago. have a safe weekend. dr. phil is coming up in just a few minutes.
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